Why T’ai Chi?

Evidence and fact-based studies and information about the benefits of T’ai Chi Chuan.

T’ai Chi is a martial art, moving meditation, and form of exercise. When practiced regularly with care and intention, it relieves stress and can help you to feel relaxed and at ease. However, without “scientific proof”, Western culture has been slow to accept the health benefits of T’ai Chi (and related “Eastern” healing arts such as acupuncture). Fortunately there are many current studies to validate the health and healing benefits of T’ai Chi Chuan. Here are articles and summaries of a few of those studies:

  1. The Best Exercise to Prevent Falls, 2/12/2019, The New York Times
  2. Using T’ai Chi to Build Strength, 09/10/2018, The New York Times
  3. Tai Chi May Help Prevent Falls – 8/08/2017, The New York Times
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  6. Tai Chi Prevents Elderly Falls, 1/13/2011, BBC
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  8. Try T’ai Chi for Your Health, 10/17/07, Johns Hopkins
  9. Arthritis Patients Embrace the Tiger, 11/13/2001 – NYTimes.com